Sunday, 2 May 2010

Who's the Daddy?

Congratulations Mr Four Horned Ram from Scalpay Linen - you're a daddy!!

Our first lambs were born today around midday - twins - a boy and a girl! So now Lamb Watch begins in earnest as the rest of the flock look ready to follow suit at any time. By the looks of the bellies...the twins are going to have plenty of company!

And the proud foster parents...Farmer Iain....

...and Croft Wife Anne!

Even BB King dropped by to see the new arrivals and pass on his warmest congratulations to Mum!


  1. Hi Alpaca people. Can I come and see you to interview about the alpacas and hebridean sheep for Isles FM? If so, please call and leave a message for me to call you/e you via Isles FM on 01851 703333.

    And PS - congrats on the new lambs!

  2. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous? Mr 4-Horn is totally oblivious to his ever expanding family in Galson. We still have one Heb to lamb and then we will be finished. Keep us posted on how your lambing goes. All the best. Sheila & JF

  3. Hi Isles FM, we'd be happy to do an interview. We'll be in touch once lambing has settled down a bit.

    Sheila & JF, Mr 4 horn has definitely proved himself... we now have 5 lambed, all twins!