Friday, 7 May 2010

more twins.....

7 of our 16 ewes have now lambed - all but one has been twins so far! The girls are winning 9 to 4 boys.

It's a hard life

Enjoying the sun

The alpacas are fascinated by the new arrivals


  1. Wow - what a lovely surprise. It will be standing room only soon!

  2. Congratulations...on your lovely new arrivals..are they Hebridean Sheep !...they look absolutely gorgeous.....Jayne

  3. Yes, they are Hebridean sheep.... ours are 2 horned however we used a 4 horned ram from Scalpay Linen in Harris so have a mix of 2 and 4 horned lambs. There must be something in the grass down in Harris because of the 15 lambs born so far 11 are girls.

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  5. I think its more likely to be the grass up in Galson - all the boys are in Scalpay!