Friday, 9 October 2009

Will they ever come?

Ok, we are now at 369 days since both Jasmine and Tara were last mated, and with the normal gestation period being 315 to 370 days, we are concerned that either one or both of them won’t produce. We have compared photos of them when they arrived here back in July and they are definitely bigger around the middle but maybe they are just fatter. I have booked a visit from the vet who will hopefully determine if we are to expect anything.

Has anyone else ever hit or gone past 370 days? Here are a few pictures take recently.

Jasmine looking rounded but is it just a tummy full of grass?

What about you Tara, do you have anyone in there?

Our 1st cria and what a cutie, wee Rose at 1 month.


  1. My fingers are crossed that maybe its this horrid weather that is keeping them inside.

  2. Its really hard to tell, if they are pregnant or not !...they can hide it really well. I thought one of my girls was pregnant this year, she lost her baby last year...but sadly she isn't !!........My girls carried longer this year although the cria's were lighter !..they carried for 342, 345 and 350 days ....hope you find out soon, good luck...with the vet......Jayne