Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Post at last!

No, not the Royal mail, just meant blogger post.


Although we haven’t had a visit from the vet yet it looks like Rose will be our only cria this year as Jasmine and Tara are nearly at 390 days. They are bigger than Nicolette but we now think that that is just because she has lost weight since having her cria making Jasmine and Tara big in comparison. Even Anne who had been convinced that they were pregnant has conceded that it is now very unlikely and that they have probably just put on a little weight since arriving here.

Jasmine and Tara

Rose and Auntie Tara

In other croft news we decided it was time we had use of our barn back from our peacock, peahen, chickens and the 200 starlings that sneak in at night. After placing an advert in the local papers our barn was soon silent although in need of a good mucking out….another job added to the list!

I’ve finally started erecting some fencing that will split our main field which is about 4 acres into smaller paddocks of about 1 acre. This is so we can rotate the alpacas providing them with clean pasture every few weeks and also separate them from our stud who we will get next year.

Admittedly, I’ve not got very far with the fencing!


  1. Well, they will be in good condition for next year. Rose will be a spoiled little cria with all the attention from her mum and aunties!
    Glad the croft is coming together. Last time we did some fencing it took 2 years to complete, so you're making good progress!

  2. Excellent !!...all in good time, Rome wasn't built in a day, so they say....sorry to read about your phantom crias...I've also suffered from this problem, this year.....Jayne

  3. I've had a couple play this trick on me this year. They were spitting off constanly too!

  4. Just found your blog. Great to see alpacas on Lewis. We were on holiday a few weeks ago, just across the water from you on the mainland at Lochinver. I am really looking forward to a visit to Lewis on our next venture North.

    Rob @ Wellground

  5. Hi Rob, if you do come over to Lewis be sure to pay us a visit. Loving your blog - don't know how you get the time to blog every day!

  6. Hi,

    It will be next year before we get another break, but I have been wanting to visit Lewis for years, we'd love to call in and see you.