Monday, 28 May 2012

The highs and lows of breeding

We're thrilled to announce that Nadia gave birth to her first cria this morning and what a gorgeous boy. Just love his rich brown colour. Once Nadia is shorn she is actually a similar brown but over the year her fleece fades with the sun.

The joy of our yet to be named cria was sadly over shadowed when only half an hour later we discovered Tara who wasn't due for another 10 days had also given birth but was pining over her motionless cria. We suspect she chocked on a piece of membrane which is upsetting as it could have been avoidable although we have been on cria watch for a couple of weeks now.

All we can do is be as vigilant as posible and hope things go better with our three remaining expectant mums.


  1. Really bad luck there folks but Nadia and her wee boy look great. Hope the rest go according to plan. Shirley & Robbie

  2. That is a shame - you can't be there all the time - our Camelot had a plug of membrane in his mouth last year but fortunately Joy suspected a problem and cleared it - the new fella' looks great, and good luck with the others.

  3. We always blame ourselves, but as Dave has already said; with the best will in the world nobody can be in the paddock 24/7. So glad that you had good news to follow.

  4. Sorry that the little one didn't make it, but the one that did looks great. Congratulations.