Friday, 10 September 2010

3 hogs, a dog and some veg

Our first litter of 3 African Pygmy Hedgehogs is now 3 weeks old so there is no risk of mum eating the litter if we handle them. They are so cute and soft to hold. See our blog Hebhogs for more pics.

Harris with one of the hoglets

Shiela and JF from Scalpay Linen paid us a visit to catch up and also collect this years' Hebridean wool. As a thank you they kindly gifted us with a cute little dog made out of their own Hebridean Harris Tweed which actually contains some wool from our own flock.

Today we popped along to our local farmers' market and picked up some much needed fresh produce so we have no excuses for not getting our 5-a-day. Everything is grown locally by neighbouring crofters, even the grapes! Bet you didn't know you could grow grapes in the Western Isles.


  1. I can't decide..which is cuter..the hedgehog or the little dog !!...the fruit and veg..look...mouth wateringly..good !....Jayne

  2. Bet the polytunnels on Lewis have to be well tethered down! Produce looks great - enjoy! Shirley & Robbie