Saturday, 17 July 2010

Hedgehogs of Lewis

We've now returned from our holidays on the mainland and brought back with us new additions to our ever expanding croft family. These are the much sought after exotic pet..... African Pygmy Hedgehogs.

Sonic (Named by our 4yr old son)

Anne has had her eyes on these for a couple of years now and (after much persuading) we are now proud owners of 14! They're settling well into their new surroundings and are providing hours of amusement (and cleaning out duties!). See our sister blog site - for more information and photos of the rest of our herd.


  1. Oh..they lovely....congratulations.....on your lovely ...'herd of hedgehogs'.....Jayne

  2. This is one herd which will not need to be sheared every year! Hope you don't have to go digging worms to keep these guys happy. lovely photos - hope you enjoyed your holidays. Shirley & Robbie