Friday, 29 January 2010

To a Mouse...

Belated Happy New Year!

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while, we’ve been very busy over the holidays with visitors and then getting back to the usual routine with school, nursery etc.

We’ve been very fortunate with the weather compared to the rest of the UK although our kids don’t think so. This [pic above] is the worst we had of any snow and it was gone within a day. Stornoway and other parts of Lewis did get it quite a bit more but I think since we are a few hundred yards from the shore then the sea air has an effect.

Anne did get a chance to experiment with felting, not sure if we will put this into production just yet! Neddle Felted Guinea Pig and Needle Felted Mouse (using merino wool and glass eyes)

Felted Rose Necklace (wet felted and needle felted with sewn on seed beads)

I’ve been working hard on the fencing so that this weekend I can pop over and pick up BB King, our stud from Campsie Camelids.


  1. Happy new year to you. What a nice pic of the alpacas with the Atlantic behind! Yes, you are bathed in the warm water of the gulf stream so you have been luckier than us! What lovely felted items. I love all of them. The rodents are cute and the rose is beautiful!

  2. Thank you Lucy! They are prototypes - just having a go before I let myself try the real stuff - alpaca!!

  3. We love the felted guinea pig and mouse - aren't they cute. Glad the alpacas have seen a bit of snow. we're up to our ankles again here at the Outend - hopefully it won't last as long this time! Hope to be up to pick up Mr 4-horns before too long - thank you for fostering him in the meantime. Sheila x

  4. Your little road must be pretty hairy when it snows!! It has been a pleasure to borrow Mr 4-horns - he is such a character! See you soon, Anne x

  5. Lovely felted...animals, I bet you are glad to be home with your future studs..its a long way. I do like the felted are lucky you have missed the snow !!...Jayne