Monday, 30 November 2009

Family Reunion

Last week, despite the weather, we managed to get across the Minch and back in one piece. I'm usually very ill if the crossing is rough however I had taken a couple of SeaLegs and was fine. Although the winds were touching 40mph, the crossing wasn't actually too bad (a few big hits but not too much rolling about) so I'm not sure how effective the pills were but I'll be sure to keep them handy for next time. We all (kids included) had a lovely break at a hotel in Ballachulish and had time for swimming and a visit to the sea life centre near Oban. Anyway, the main purpose of our trip was to pick up 2 new breeding alpacas, Nichole and her cria Nadia - both light brown and lovely additions to our herd. Anne is over the moon and has spent hours out photographing them!


Nichole is also mum to Nicholette who has her own cria Rose. It's great to see Nadia and Rose who are Aunty and Niece instantly getting along and playing together.
New girls, Nichole and Nadia in foreground

Nichole and Nadia

Rose, Nichole and Nadia Nadia and Nichole


  1. Great scenery and the alpacas just makes it perfect :-)

  2. Congratulations on your lovely new arrivals, they look fantastic ! Lovely pictures, hope the new girls settle into their new home....Jayne

  3. The new arrivals are fabulous. Can't wait to see them. If you've escaped the dreaded flu will we be seeing you on Saturday to collect Mr Four-Horned Fiend? He's finished all the black ewes in his field and is now intent on trying his luck outside the fence with anything wearing a woolly coat! Sheila

  4. We love Ballachulish, have stayed at the Ballachulish Hotel a few years ago, these days we stay at the Pierhouse Hotel down the road at Port Appin, near Castle Stalker. That is a lovely area. Next time we are up there, we'll grab a boat and come visit you ;o))

    Rob n Les