Thursday, 3 September 2009

Busy times

Apologies for the lack of blogs recently, Anne has started back at School and is up to her eyes so has asked me to post an update.

The alpacas are all fine... not showing any signs of giving birth soon. Technically their due dates are somewhere between 5th and 16th Sept so don't expect the cria when the countdown reaches zero. Nicolette (at the back) is definitely the biggest and we expect she will be first. Picture is of them in the garden when someone (clue: teacher) left the side gate open!
Sheila from Scalpay Linen called the other day to say she had nearly finished spinning Jasmine’s (middle) fleece. Anne has a few ideas of what products to make with the wool…. I’m just hoping they don’t involve me learning to knit!

Two new additions to the croft last week… a couple of black bantam chicks. Could be more on the way as another of our chickens has been hogging her eggs for several weeks now meaning we have a bit of a shortage in eggs.

Closest I’ve managed to get to our resident Sammy seal

We saw what looked like penguins through the binoculars but on closer inspection proved just to be cormorants. The fact they flew off before I got anywhere near them was a clue that the weren’t penguins (and also the fact that we don’t live in the south pole or the zoo!)

Anyway, I had better go as I've just had 400 rubble sacks delivered so I now have no excuses not to get the peat bagged and off the moor before it gets too marshy for the 4x4.

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